Friday, January 29, 2016

Frugal Friday

Zaycon Foods offers bulk meat at a great price. The boneless skinless chicken breast is $1.69/lb. I am ordering enough for 6 months. I will freeze about 2/3 of what I buy and can the rest. Little Pumpkin LOVES canned chicken and it's far less expensive to can your own than to buy it already canned.

I have ordered chicken and ground beef from them in the past. You just have to be aware that the meat is in bulk packaging so be prepared to repackage it into meal size packages. In other words you can't just bring it home and pop it into the freezer or you will end up with a 40 pound chickensicle. However, for me, feeding a family of 6, this is a great price and hopefully it will help me save on my grocery budget in the long run.

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