Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Made New

So we have this beautiful lantern in our front yard, however, it is a hideous pink color--sorry for all you pink lovers, I have never been a fan.

So we made a trip to the hardware store this morning and got some spray paint. Black Textured Metallic for the basic color and Metallic Champagne Mist for the accent color. We are gonna do all our outdoor fixtures, and I will post those too. What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes!

Friday, March 2, 2012


So in the winter here, we do a lot of crocheting, The Artist and I. There is nothing better than sitting with the family in the evening, cuddling under a nice warm blanket and endlessly crocheting.

Knowing that you are creating something that is a work of art, and will last for a long time to come is fulfilling.

I can remember being a little girl and watching my grandmother making this blanket. She taught me how to to hook a chain, and I made many little chains when I was young, but I was always fascinated watching her fingers working so fast with the yarn.

I remember my mom making blankets while we were all together in the family room at night. She made many blankets over the years and she made this poncho for The Artist several years ago. The Artist loves it and still wears it-both her and my mom love pink-you cannot imagine how much!

She made this blanket for Thoughtful Son, he uses it on his bed, and when he gets up early and plays XBox....lol.


This is the first blanket I made. It's quit large and soft-I made it for Handsome Husband, not pretty, but functional.

I have made blankets for Thoughtful Son and The Artist. 

 Here are two blankets made by Handsome Husbands grandmother. Works of art! The Artist uses the pink one for her bed.

Here are some blankets made for the kids when they were babies by various people:

Made by a lovely lady whose husband was in The Guard with Handsome Husband-she made him a matching sweater too!

This was made by a young teen! She weaved in some yellow ribbon and added tassels in the corners. Beautiful!

Made by my mom. Looks like lace!

Made for me by my Grandmere! Still beautiful, has been passed onto The Artist!

These are some blankets I rescued from various yard sales and thrift stores :)


The artist and I are working on making grannie squares to make a blanket together:

These are some of the butterflies and flowers she has been making to put on it!

This is one I am making for Little Pumpkin. I love, love, LOVE these colors together! Reminds me of lilacs.

Even tho my kids never knew my Grandma, Handsome Husbands Grandmother and my Grandmere these blankets are passed down to them as a reminder of their thoughtfulness and creativity :)

There is something so special about having someone make you something! If you are lucky enough to get something homemade like this, you are truly loved!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Sheet Made New

So if have an old sheet, or any material really one way to re-use it is cut it into strips and crochet it.

The artist has been making me hot pads.

They are so thick and now I have plenty!

You can also dye them if you wanted to.