Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Myth Busters And A Trip To The Museum-Lots Of Pics

If the Myth Busters exhibit comes to a museum near you-GO! We had a great time at the museum!

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get our picture taken with the duct tape boat!

Thank goodness I had the Ergo Carrier! Here we all are at the start of the exhibit-the cool thing is they have the real props from the show!

Little Pumpkin with a paintball experiment - looks dangerous!

Little Pumpkin with all the show props
It was a great experience, the entire exhibit had an air of fun!

The Artist and I couldn't resist - We had to do Jamie's mustache just like Adam does!
Baby Girl is sleeping, oblivious to all the fun we are having!
This exhibit was one of my faves!
They had telephone booths and boxes of capes, masks, gloves, goggles, etc. for you to change into-like a superhero! Who wouldn't love doing this? My kids thought I was a geek! I looked for a pic of me dressed up buy sadly, there isn't one!

This was a live action show, they shot a paintball at a lucky contestant!

How long can you hang on a cliff?
The boys tried the Cliff Hanger-not as easy as they thought!
Baby girl finally woke up! What's all the excitement?

She slept, ate and looked around from the best seat in the house-her Ergo Baby Carrier!
Can The Artist pull the tablecloth out without pulling off the dishes?

Kids....Don't try this at home!

Kids, let dad show you how it's done!

Oh My!
Dad couldn't do it either, after many tries the challenge proved too much for any of us!

Who Got Wetter?
We went through this exhibit several times, who will get wetter the person who walks or runs in the rain? Who cares! This was fun and refreshing. Black lights and water are highly entertaining! The lady running the exhibit was worried baby girl would get wet, but I just pulled out the rain/sun cover and she was fine-nice and dry!

No one tried this one, trust me I would have put the pics here!

Little Pumpkin
 Then we checked out the rest of the rest of the museum.

 I don't know what it is about dinosaurs, but kids love them!

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