Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ergo Baby Carrier

So with the arrival of Baby Girl comes the opportunity to nurse her and hold her. Unfortunately, sometimes I have other things to do besides nurse and hold Baby Girl. So I started looking for a carrier I can use that won't kill my back, is comfortable for Baby Girl and I can nurse in.

I have a Moby Wrap from Little Pumpkin, but I can't comfortably nurse with it-I know, some women can, but I was struggling.

I have a couple of other carriers-one is for older children and one is for infants-but Baby Girl doesn't care for it, it kills my back, and I can't nurse her in it.

I was able to discreetly nurse for this photo.

Then I found the Ergo....what a wonderful carrier! Fits all 3 of my needs and more! With the infant insert Ergo can carry a baby as small as 7 lbs. up to 15 lbs., then you take out the insert and you can carry up to a 45 lb. child. It is a bit pricey, but totally worth it! After I bought mine I checked ebay and found out they are WAY cheaper there! As low as $75 New In Box!!!

The shoulder straps are SUPER padded. The carrier material is really strong and durable. It comes with a hood, and it is super easy to modestly nurse-no one can tell when I am nursing! The Ergo comes in a variety of colors, I have an olive green one and a khaki colored one.

I bought 2-one for Baby Girl and one for Little Pumpkin.

I can carry Little Pumpkin on my back AND Baby Girl in front---oh my!

Little Pumpkin and Baby Girl both love it! I carried Baby Girl 3 hours while shipping last week-no problem, she ate, slept and smiled...then repeated! When we were done my mom asked if Baby Girl needed to eat, I told her she already did-twice! I told you no one can tell!

So go on over to ebay and buy one-they make a great shower gift too!

If you can't find what you want there check out all the choices at the Ergo website---SWOON!

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