Monday, December 23, 2013

Canvas Painters Drop Cloth Part 2

So what did I do with that canvas drop cloth? Well first I took the two 12' x 4' pieces and cut them in half making four 6' x 4' pieces.

Then they were ironed and seems sewn all around, making a 4" drapery rod pocket on the top of each piece.

Then we dyed the fabric Navy Blue in the washing machine.

Little Pumpkin was quite concerned to see the blue color in the washing machine! When they were dry I ironed them and looked at them for about a week....They were more purple than blue and since these were for my sons room, purple wouldn't do!


Back  into the washer they went! They came out more blue/gray, but looked better.

While I ironed the now darker drapes Handsome Husband hung the old/new curtain rod. I had bought this curtain rod about 5 years ago and it sat in the basement unused.

Finally! Time to hang the new drapes! OH MY GOSH! They shrunk and are now too short! This simple and fun project was now really dragging out!

So I looked online and decided I would lengthen them with a contrasting fabric, I was bummed to have to wait yet another day to finish these curtains.

So I went to my resident artist (my daughter) and asked her what color would look good, well she said black right away. I had just bought Thoughtful Son a new duvet cover for his bed and wouldn't you know it, it had come with 2 long black pillow cases! Ha! What are the chances? They had been washed and were sitting in the linen closet just waiting!

So w pulled them out and cut them in half length ways.

 I was happy to have mt rotary tool---I can't cut a straight line that well. Ha ha.

Out with the old seems and in with the new!

They turned out AMAZING! if I do say so myself. I love, love, love them. They really tie in his black duvet cover!


I got him a new dresser I am planning to you'll have to come back to see the finished room! This will give him time to clean it too!

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