Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cleaning Up The Chicken House

So our lovely 18 chickens, and 2 ducks (Hank and Bonnie) needed their little house and pen cleaned and since it was about 51 degrees here yesterday it was as good as time as any to clean it up!

We filled up the little pond for the ducks and they were SO happy. I love watching them in their little pond, cleaning themselves, dunking their beaks in and generally having a good time.

We made sure to clean all around the 'automatic' feeders that Handsome Husband made last year

and 'automatic' waterer too-even tho it's been too cold for it, so we have been hauling water by hand and using the duck pond.

We cleaned their little 'nest' box, which is really the bottom of an old dog kennel.

Then we filled the floor of the coop with wood chips--they smell REALLY good!

Finally, we took all that wonderfully 'fertilized' bedding and filled the bottom of one of our empty garden beds.

Then The Artist, Thoughtful Son and the puppies all played Frisbee!

Was a nice day.

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  1. Love your posts WITH all the pictures! Your Handsome Husband is quite handy too!♥