Sunday, February 5, 2012

Penny The Cat

So several years ago we got a free little kitten-Handsome Husband picked her out. He says he "saved her from the clutches of death." She was quite sick with a respiratory infection and needed anti-biotics. She was so sick when we brought her home, I wouldn't let the kids touch her. In fact another kitten in the same litter died of the same illness.

So we nursed her back to health, and she is the SWEETEST cat ever. She tollerates ANYTHING from the kids and NEVER scratches or bites them. It's as if she is just so grateful to be alive, she never gets upset.

When The Artist was 4 she would tickle her belly, dress her up, pull her tail-Penny would just PURR her little heart out and try to get away, then come back for more. To top it off she is a great mouser!

So the other day Little Pumpkin-who LOVES Penny-was picking her up by her neck and tail. Penny just purred, would get away then track Little Pumpkin down for more.

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  1. Little Pumpkin sure is growing up fast! I wished we weren't so far away. ♥