Friday, January 27, 2012


So this morning I asked "Little Pumpkin" what she wanted for breakfast....she didn't want cereal, she didn't want a tuna sandwich (that's what I was having-yes, I know NOT a breakfast food!) what did she want? PEACHES!

Well thankfully I have PLENTY of peaches. I canned peaches on 3 different occassions last summer.

In July the kids and I canned 11.5 pints of donut peaches that I ordered from Bountiful Baskets. Only 11.5 pints from 2 20 lb boxes of peaches! I was so excited to get canning, but donut peaches aren't really worth canning because they are SO HARD to get off the pit. The chickens were happy with the pits and they turned out good to eat, but I won't can this kind again!

Next in early Sept. my friend got me 3-22 lb boxes of peaches. From these beautiful, juicy peaches I made 19.5 quarts of sliced peaches, 12 pints of peach syrup from the juiced skins.....
and 12 pints + 17 1/2 pints of jelly/jam. Plus we roasted 1 pan full for dessert that night...
AND froze some individually for smoothies.

Thought I was done with peaches, but then in early Oct. I got 2 more 25 pound boxes of peaches from bountiful baskets.....these were Utah Peaches. Made 16 quarts of sliced peaches, 2 quarts of sliced peaches in peach syrup (will be great for desserts) and 7.5 pints of peach syrup--this stuff is like heaven.

So now, here we are in the middle of January with delicious peaches anytime we want!

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