Thursday, December 15, 2011

Herbs in Hair Rinses

Here is a list of popular herbs found in hair rinses:

Catnip:  Believed to promote hair growth
Chamomile:  Keeps scalp and hair follicles healthy
Comfy:  Soothes and heals scalp irritations
Elder Berries: Traditionally used to add color to gray hair
Lemongrass:  Tones the scalp
Nettle: An astringent that helps relieve skin irritations and itching
Parsley:  Helps relieve skin irritations
Rosemary:  Believed to enhance color of dark hair and help control dandruff
Sage:  An astringent for oily hair and benefit for damaged or fragile hair
Thyme:  Has antiseptic, tonic, and astringent properties
Yarrow:  Acts as a tonic for hair

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